It is important for Victoria  to continue to provide leadership in developing solutions for  a sustainable and inclusive community.

We are challenged by the geographic limitation of being on an island. We face increasingly volatile environmental events that will stress our infrastructure. We face many ongoing and emerging health perils that threaten our health and the viability of our tourism industry.


We are blessed with a highly intelligent, creative and  hardworking populace who have chosen to live in Victoria because they value our quality of life, the environment and commitment to community despite better economic options available elsewhere. We also can boast 3 major post secondary institutions, and many cultural entities that enrich our lives even beyond their traditional mandates.   We have many dedicated volunteers that contribute their time and expertise to community organizations, causes and cultural interests. We have entrepreneurs that commit their capital, creativity and expertise to develop new enterprises that expand our local economy.  Most of all we have a community ethic that values our best choices.

Our challenge is how best to leverage our advantages in a cost effective way to continue to lead in so many areas while preserving valuable fiscal resources to anticipate and mitigate our risks and provide some flexibility for risks that are not yet apparent.