Climate Emergency

My first suggestion of remedies for the climate emergency are the personal choices that each individual can make. I have made and continue to make my own choices, but I recognize that everyone's circumstance and experience is different, and as such I would not want others to impose there choices on me, or visa versa. We face this existential crisis as existentialsts, "a philosophical movement that stresses the individual's unique position as a self-determining agent responsible for making meaningful, authentic choices in a universe seen as purposeless or irrational:"

I do not own a car. I own a bicycle, and have replaced the drive train more than once.

I most often  take transit because  I  think of the cost and carbon footprint of the fuel and labour of cycling, and the risk of theft or vandalism to my ride.

I am impressed with the new CNG buses, the "new bus smell" , the sky lights therin, and the different seating layout.

I enjoy the opportunities of  reading, conversation, texting, composing email, and the reduced stress and risk of being imperiled by more entitled or less mindful vehicle operators.