Hot Tub Socialist 

This is an expression I have heard, from whence I do not recall, although it seems to me that it was related to me that it came from California and was a comment on persons of privilege relating their ideals while relaxing in their hot tubs.

I have enjoyed many conversations in the public hot tub at Crystal Pool, and have for decades also visited Oak Bay Rec Centre, as well as Esquimalt, and Gordon Head.  I have never regretted going, and have benefited from the erudition, experience, wisdom, humour, and camaraderie of our communities.

As to labels, first off as being the founder of a sole proprietorship, I must admit to being an entrepreneur. I would suggest that this is capitalism only in as much as it is the leveraging of intellectual capital, and sweat equity. Yes there is an amount of capital required, but without the ideas, hard work, and temporal opportunity, capital would  likely yield better returns in mutual funds, and employment more secure and predictable cash flow.

My  pension and  CPP contributions mean that I am a capitalist. I would have more comfort were there opportunities to target and direct the investments to reap better social outcomes whilst still benefiting from capital appreciation. 

The truth I would like to relate is that there are diverse and multiple stake holders in our communities that are not mutually exclusive. There are some that would  presume to advance the interest of one stakeholder group and for convenience of branding, extol the virtues and benefits of a dogmatic approach. There are many moving pieces in a community. We need the best of all for the best of all possible outcomes. There is an incredible mutuality in our community and and underutilized depth of knowledge and experience.

I look forward to discussions with many people during the campaign to learn more, and I can often be found in the sauna, steam room or hot tub.