Gray Matters

As we all hope to get older  these are matters of interest to all.

Many presume that seniors are independently wealthy. Well there are many who have benefited from "Defined Benefits" pensions, and appreciation of real and capital assets, this is by no means a universal experience. For those on CPP and GIS, the ever increasing cost of accommodation, medication, and food are causing stress.

When I was 20 years old I knew everything. I have learned much since then and continue to learn. There is much experience in this community.  In conversation with elders I continue to learn. I also learn that there is much frustration with the continuous evolution of services toward "apps" and on-line resources that are not always intuitive to persons who have not grown up with a smart phone in their hands. It is increasingly difficult to get in person service, and the navigation of phone trees and hold times create challenges to obtaining information and assistance.

Some of retirement age are "House Rich and Cash Poor" and face subtle age-ism as they try to compete with young people being hired by younger people who worry about generational  culture differences and its impact on the enterprise.